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Is there a secret explorer inside of you, or do you prefer to just enjoy the relaxing whispers of rivers and brooks? Are you always on the lookout for undiscovered corners, or do you prefer to indulge in culinary delights? Do you love mountains and valleys, or do you prefer to wander on the more gently sloping meadows?

Our stories will turn all of this ... and more into reality. We do our best to show you hidden places and special features that you cannot read or hear about anywhere. For all those who are interested in hidden spots.


Unspoiled nature

Forests, hills, valleys, meadows, brooks and rivers, waterfalls. Even the morning on Mount Porezen. Everything at your fingertips!

Brooks and rivers and mysterious waterfalls

The Cerkno Region is sprinkled with rivers and streams, and the Soča River, the clear daughter of the mountains, as we call it poetically, is close within your reach.

Hiking trails and cycling trips

The views are so close they are begging to be visited ... and hiked to. Be it a half-hour walk or an all-day cycling trip.

Culinary research

The Cerkno Region with its surroundings can offer you everything. From salty snacks to sweet surprises. And everything in between.


A few more ideas
that can fill up your free time

✔ a walk around the Most Na Soči Lake and a boat ride on the Lucija
✔ a visit of UNESCO Idrija, the Antonijev Rov Mercury Mine, Hg Smelting Plant and other heritage of the world of mining
✔ the Soča River with all its beauty
✔ natural bathing sites on the Idrijca River
✔ a hike to Porezen or Blegoš, the highest peaks of the Cerkno and Škofja Loka Hills
✔ an e-bike rental and a trip
✔ a visit to festival events nearby (GorA RockA, Idrija Lace Festival, Punk Rock Holiday, Summer in Cerkno ...)
✔ a ride by car train to Bohinjska Bistrica and a visit to Lake Bohinj
✔ fishing with a licence in the Idrijca River

Franja Partisan Hospital

Franja Partisan Hospital is a symbol of international alliance and resistance against Fascism and Nazism in the time of WWII. It is a symbol of partisan medical activities and speaks to the incredible self-sacrifice and humanity of the medical staff and other staff in their care for the wounded.


Cerkno ski resort

Excellent ski slopes, the most modern and safest skiing facilities, the quality of additional services, headed by the alpine restaurant Alpska Perla at the top of the mountain, are the main reasons for Cerkno having been chosen as the best Slovenian ski resort three years in a row.



The Cerkno hills (Slov. Cerkljansko hribovje) are perfect for cyclists, since they boast remarkably pristine nature and a huge number of picturesque trails. You can choose from both easy and undemanding trails as well as long and more strenuous ones, for which good physical fitness is recommended. Climbs to nearby summits will be rewarded with unforgettable views and those with a need for speed will be thrilled with the descents, as well.


Water activities

Cerkno and its surroundings offer fun through water activities throughout the entire year in the all-round useful and healing thermal water. In the warmer months you can swim in nature as well. Part of the extensive Natura 2000 area is also the Idrijca river, which invites all fans of sports fishing and kayaking. Of course, the clean river also invites you to visit its natural bathing areas.


Archaeological Park Divje Babe

Archaeological Park Divje Babe, which lies in the area of the Idrija and Cerkno hills, is one of the most important archaeological sites of the Early Stone Age in the world. In a steep and rocky slope, which descends from the Šebrelje plateau into the valley of the Idrijca river, lies a hidden cave.


“Laufarija” of Cerkno

Astrong element of the local identity for the municipality and its residents is attributed to the “laufarji”, one of the most recognizable carnival groups in Slovenia. The “Laufarija” of Cerkno has been taking place for centuries according to unwritten rules, which were passed on from generation to generation.



Cerkno and its surroundings are part of the Cerkno hills (Slov. Cerkljansko hribovje). Valleys and narrow ravines with crystal clear waters wind between hills and ridges while plateaus rise in between. Many hiking routes including through-hiking trails transverse this area. There are many marked and maintained hiking trails for Nordic walking as well, providing a delightful experience for hikers during all seasons.


Cerkno Culinary Delicacies

All friends of genuine local cuisine can visit one of the restaurants or tourist farms in the area. You will be able to try dishes such as: smukávc (a side dish made of cabbage or savoy cabbage leaves), štruklji (cooked rolls), little poticas (traditional rolled-up cakes), potratna potica (a cake with walnuts and curd cheese), and many other delicacies. There are also plenty of tasty dishes for the fans of meat and fish.

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You can choose to visit us as a single visitor, as a couple, as a family, in company of friends, or as a business traveler. Whatever your reason for visiting, we will do our best to make a lasting impression before you leave us.

A piece of nature in the embrace of the apartment

Meadows, forests, fields and hills are the natural hallmarks of the Cerkno Region. And we did our best to bring all that inside of our serviced apartment. Whether it's a selection of dried flowers and grasses, a homemade vegetable terrarium or fresh meadow flowers. A unique selection of bouquets will magically bring the freshness and the natural expanse at any time of the day right into your comfort zone.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Before, during and after your visit, we are available 24/7. We are here to introduce you to the Cerkno Region in a way that you could not have imagined. At your request, we can take care of everything from home cooking ingredients, trips, exploring hidden spots, romantic surprises in nature, culinary pampering ... the sky’s the limit :)

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